From idea to actual babywearing – the story of MADALO wraps

To create a handwoven baby wrap nearly 1,000 warp threads need to be arranged, wound on the warping frame in the order matching the design, then connected and threaded into the shafts of the loom…only when this is ready the actual weaving can begin!!
Weaving takes a lot of patience and love, to give you an idea: in a 5 meter long wrap, each weft thread is shot between the warp threads 4,500 times while the weaver is simultaneously working the foot pedals to create the weave (diamond twill weave or herringbone twill weave, etc).
By the time the wrap is ready, it already has a long story to tell and awaits for you and your little one to continue creating one!
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Baby wearing mom´s review
“I absolutely love Madalo! The wraps are so beautiful and easy to wrap with. The cush on the shoulders is amazing. My baby loves the softness and comfortless of the wrap, so she sleeps easily in it. ”
Dana P.

Bienvenidos a MADALO!

Yuridia from Mexico and Christoph from Germany came up with the idea to offer fair, hand-woven baby wraps from Mexico in Europe.

At MADALO, however things don’t revolve around them, it is all about the weavers from Mexico, who create works of art in a centuries old ancestral tradition, Every wrap contains its own hand-woven story.

And besides that, MADALO obviously cares about You: we want to offer you and your little ones high quality baby wraps made of certified cotton at a fair price. Thank you for being part of the hand-woven story!

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