Hola chicas!We have some important information.

1) In 2 weeks we will start new sales in our shop with the past models (25.02)

2) A new model is already on the way and we will offer it in ca. 3 or 4 weeks (beginnings of March)

3) After the new model arrives we will make a break with the weaving in Mexico. Why? This was all planned since months, Yuri is pregnant again and coordinating everything will not be possible for a while, but we will come back with new models next year. And we also have new surprises from a collaboration 😉 Also our facebook chatters will remain active so you can trade or sell your MADALO and keep enjoying baby wearing with us! MADALO International chatter 

4) We also will bring some handmade surprises and different products from Mexico this year that are focused on moms and babies 🙂 we are excited for what is coming and we hope you will like it!


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